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Hi! Welcome 2 my blog. It just a simple blog, but I like it! If u don't like it, thats ok. If u have time, please leave ur comments 4 my blog okeyx :) THANX. !
Welcome to my blog. Before anything else please follow these rules : No ripping, spamming, and any type of childish acts. Respect is a must. Best-viewed with screen resolutions 1024x768. Enjoy your stay and have fun!
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I am ME
Hello! My full name is Auliah Rahmah bt. Sudirman. People always call me Lieya. So, just call me Lieya la.. Now, i'm 14 years old and i'm study at SMK Sandakan Bestari at 2 Impian class with my lovely friends. Ok now, let me told u who is the people that i love in my life. First, of cus my family. My father, mother, n my little sis. The second is, my friends SECRET GROUP! (Wawa, Suzie, Zizie n Me). N my old friends. Especially, Rozaifah bt. Yahcob Next is my teachers. Teacher Julai, Amy, Farah, Najwa, Pet n who had teach me a lot things about studied n life.

Feeling : Sometimes happy, sad, dissappointed, angry, lonely n ...
Eating : Something that delicious
Doing : Whatever
Watching : Movie, Film, Drama
Listening to : Music n what the important is ADVISES

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June 2011 |

4 people named p.e n harman

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4 people that hate copycate, but the fact he/his copycats
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U dun like the people that COPYCATES u right? But dun u know that u also a COPYCATERS?? huh?